Adolescent Consultation Services

Our History

Since 1973, Adolescent Consultation Services (ACS) has provided specialized diagnostic and therapeutic services to court-involved children and their families in Middlesex County and Greater Boston.

Although their histories and circumstances vary, all our kids have experienced serious setbacks such as learning disabilities, family substance abuse, medical and mental health problems, poverty, and cultural adjustment issues due to recent immigration.

For its first two decades, ACS served court-involved kids from Cambridge and Greater Boston. The program developed expertise in diagnostic services and built community linkages within the child welfare and juvenile justice community. In 1998, based on a strong track record of meeting the needs of vulnerable children, the Massachusetts Juvenile Court awarded ACS the contract to provide Juvenile Court Clinic services throughout Middlesex County. Since then, the Department of Mental Health has administered the contract that funds juvenile court diagnostic evaluations, approximately 60% of the overall ACS operating budget. Currently, about 600 kids are referred to ACS for evaluations by the Middlesex Juvenile Court each year.