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ACS helped Jimmy change his life. An ACS clinician linked him with the resources to overcome his troubled past and build a hopeful future. Read his story.

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In 2008 Raúl was charged with making a bomb threat. In 2011, Raúl graduated from high school. With a job in food services already lined up, his future looks so much brighter. Raul, his mother, the community—everyone benefits when kids like Raul move ahead in positive directions. 

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Adina is a 14 year old African-American teenager who was born in Africa and grew up in Malden after being adopted when she was five years old. Adina came to the attention of ACS when her parents filed a Child Requiring Assistance (CRA) application with the juvenile court because she was doing poorly in school, out of control at home, and displaying risky sexual exchanges on her Facebook page. The Department of Children and Families (DCF) placed Adina into a foster home at age 13, but her adoptive parents insisted that Adina was mentally ill and needed to be in the structured environment of a residential program.

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After facing charges of animal cruelty and firesetting, Emilio was back focusing on his family and schoolwork.  He was relieved that the Court acknowledged his supportive family and thought he should be free to continue to do things that he enjoys, including outdoor activities like fishing.  He feels fortunate that people at the Court understand him, really want him to succeed, and have tailored a service plan to help him do just that!

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