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Cambridge Community Foundation 2015 Gala - Tribute to Bob Hurlbut

On May 13, Executive Director Rebecca Pries of Adolescent Consultation Services was among some 280 community leaders and Cambridge Community Foundation partners and supporters who gathered to honor Bob Hurlbut, Executive Director of the Cambridge Community Foundation (CCF), who has announced his retirement after 21 years of service. The tribute, held at the Microsoft N.E.R.D. Center, raised around $220,000 in support of the newly launched Hurlbut Legacy Fund for Cambridge

ACS Executive Director Rebecca Pries with ACS friend Lissa Hodder at the Gala

Since taking over as executive director, Bob has grown the foundation from $6 million to $33 million, and forged dozens of new partnerships in his tireless effort to build community and make Cambridge a place of opportunity for all. CCF now collaborates with many well-respected institutions and social service organizations in the area, including Adolescent Consultation Services, and returns a total of $1.3 million each year to a broad range of social service agencies.

“I was overwhelmed and it has been my good fortune to work with so many good people in Cambridge – agency heads, donors, and those who really care about the city. It is they who deserve the praise and I’m glad to be a part of it.” - Bob Hurlbut

“Bob convened groups, collaborated with all and wove different interests into a strong fabric of support for our entire community,” said Richard A. Harriman, President of the Board of Overseers. “He brought his unique blend of tireless energy, passion, generosity of spirit, wisdom and love of Cambridge to all that he did.”

Cambridge Mayor David Maher sung Bob's praises as well: “Bob Hurlbut has been an amazing asset to the City of Cambridge and has touched the lives of countless people. Bob is a tireless advocate for all residents of Cambridge and has dedicated his career to improving the lives of young people, families and the elderly in our community. While Bob is retiring, his legacy will live on for years to come because of his hard work and commitment to Cambridge.”

The Cambridge Community Foundation has been a longtime, faithful friend and supporter of ACS. Bob Hurlbut stands out as a true and steady advocate for the most vulnerable youth in our community,” said Rebecca Pries, ACS’s executive director. “I am so pleased to be able to help honor his work. 

Founded in 1916, almost 100 years ago, CCF is the only charitable foundation focused on all of Cambridge. The Foundation identifies issues and opportunities in the community, convenes organizations and people to solve community problems, helps donors establish charitable funds to address community needs, and builds a strong network of local services by providing grants and other support.

"For many of us, maintaining Cambridge's diversity in ALL ways is a passion – one that is not easily satisfied in our dynamic city,” said former Cambridge Mayor and State Representative Alice Wolf. “It is organizations like the Cambridge Community Foundation and leaders like Bob Hurlbut that give us a shot at being able to support those friends and neighbors who might otherwise be at risk."

A leader in efforts to address Cambridge needs, CCF builds partnerships with a broad spectrum of donors, corporations, nonprofit organizations, municipal agencies, and other institutions and individuals working to improve the quality of life for Cambridge residents in need and to make a difference in the vitality of the community.

Pictured are ACS Executive Director Rebecca Pries with ACS friend Lissa Hodder. 

An official tribute video for Bob Hurlbut can be viewed on the CFF Website.