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2015 ACS Fall Event Honors Judge Blitzman and Nancy Donahue

November 18, 2015

On November 18 ACS honored The Hon. Jay D. Blitzman, First Justice of the Middlesex Division of the Juvenile Court, at the ACS Fall Event held at the Union Club in Boston. Judge Blitzman was introduced by the Chief Justice of the Juvenile Court, The Hon. Amy L. Nechtem

Judge Blitzman gave "A View From The Bench: Engaging and Listening to Children."

Judge Blitzman was appointed to the Juvenile Court in 1996 and was appointed First Justice of the Middlesex Division in 2008. Prior to his judicial appointment, Judge Blitzman was a founder and the first director of the Roxbury Youth Advocacy Project, a community-based interdisciplinary public defenders unit that created the basis for the development of a statewide division. Judge Blitzman also co-founded Citizen’s for Juvenile Justice (CfJJ). He presents and writes on a wide range of juvenile justice and child welfare issues. Judge Blitzman teaches at Northeastern University School of Law and at U Mass Lowell School of Criminology and Justice Studies. He is a Team Leader in Harvard Law School’s Trial Advocacy Workshop.

ACS also honored long-time supporter and former ACS board of directors member Nancy Donahue, calling her an "Indispensible Friend." Nancy, whose assistance in establishing an ACS presence in Lowell was key to the early success of the Lowell clinic, also assisted in the early success of the Massachusetts Alliance of Juvenile Court Clinics.