Adolescent Consultation Services

Kids and Judges Day at Cambridge Juvenile Court 2012

April 26, 2012

On April 26th, kids got to sit in comfortable chairs and ask First Justice Jay Blitzman questions like:

"Why did you want to become a Juvenile Judge? Do you enjoy it?" "What makes you determine whether or not you want to lock up a kid?" "Why do some judges talk down to you, while others talk to you in a nice tone?"

Kids and Judges Day is both unique and groundbreaking: it's the only event of its kind in Massachusetts. In this Cultivating Youth Voices (CYV)* sponsored event, kids had the opportunity to learn first-hand from a Judge, and he had the opportunity to learn from them.

After the event, the Judge thanked CYV for letting him meet and interact with these kids. He was very impressed with how thoughtful and forthcoming many of the questions were.

Kids and Judges Day surpassed our expectations--it transcended a traditional Q&A and became more of an engaging back-and-forth conversation. Honest exchanges like these help reshape perspectives on both sides of the bench.

Thank you to all of the avid ACS supporters who made this possible! And many thanks to our collaborating agency, Bridging the Gap, for bringing a crew of kids so eager to learn...and teach!

Kids and Judges Day was brought to CYV by Kim Stevens, Child Welfare Consultant, and the North American Council on Adoptable Children.

*Cultivating Youth Voices is an ACS-led coalition, comprised of organizations that serve court-involved youth. The Coalition includes ACS, Bridging the Gap, Children's Law Center of MA, Citizens for Juvenile Justice, and Health Law Advocates.