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Office Administrator

Adolescent Consultation Services offers an exceptional opportunity for a mission-driven professional with significant and successful experience in office administration to join the staff of a dynamic and highly regarded organization that provides critical services to court-involved children and families. The position is currently full-time and requires a Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm schedule; however, for the ideal candidate, some flexibility will be considered.

Adolescent Consultation Services (ACS) was founded in 1973 in response to the specialized needs of court-involved children. In 1998, the Department of Mental Health awarded ACS the contract to provide Juvenile Court Clinic services throughout Middlesex County. Today, ACS evaluates, counsels and advocates for these at-risk kids and their families, connecting them with resources to overcome obstacles due to trauma, family difficulties, and mental health issues. Private support allows ACS to offer critical Treatment and Education & Advocacy services to families served by the Juvenile Court Clinics in Cambridge, Lowell, Framingham, and Waltham.

Countywide, ACS currently employs 18 staff. The organization is financially stable, with an annual budget of approximately $1.8 m.

The Opportunity and Challenge

The demand for ACS services continues to grow and the need for highly effective office administration and staff support services is increasingly important. The current office management protocols, internal systems, and support structure will all benefit from a new pair of eyes. ACS’ mission and values have attracted and retained exceptional staff members who are dedicated, hard-working, and multitalented. The successful candidate for this position will find a staff team and Executive Director who will welcome a thoughtful and experienced administrator who understands the critical stakeholders ACS serves and the importance of these relationships.

Skills, Experience, and Attributes of the Ideal Candidate

A successful new Office Administrator will have significant experience working in a highly professional office setting requiring daily interaction with diverse and important audiences. They will demonstrate a commitment to the ACS mission and to ensuring that ACS staff have the support and the systems required to achieve their goals. Reporting directly to the Executive Director, the Office Administrator also works closely with the Director of Development, providing critical data reporting used to inform grant application and reporting requirements.

Specific and essential skills and attributes include:

Exercising initiative and solving problems

  • This position requires the instinct and ability to take initiative, including proactive outreach to staff in all ACS locations to identify problems or potential problems in matters such as technical challenges, supply needs, data collection, and impending report deadlines, among others. The Office Administrator is expected to independently research, identify, and implement appropriate solutions in collaboration with affected stakeholders, seeking direction and help where needed.

Strong organizational skills

  • Data Management – ACS’ new Office Administrator is responsible for organizing, managing, and reporting on large amounts of data that are critical to key stakeholders, including the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, Trial Court, and private funders. Attention to detail and accuracy are essential requirements of this position.
  • Working to Deadlines – The Office Administrator is expected to organize and manage their work to ensure that all deadlines for reports and other required documents are met without last-minute urgency. The ability to multi-task, maintain careful notes and schedules, and experience and comfort in working to deadlines is a key requirement for this staff member.
  • Vendor Relationships – The Office Administrator is responsible for all vendor relationships, including Property Management, office supply vendors, Comcast, and others. Timely and effective interaction with these parties is essential to ensure smooth and uninterrupted office operations.
  • Office Environment – Maintaining an orderly, professional environment in the ACS main office is an important responsibility of this position, for the benefit of staff as well as for clients, Board members, funders, and other stakeholders who are frequent visitors. The Office Administrator is responsible for managing incoming phone calls, visitors, and general email inquiries to the website.
  • Personal organization – The first person a visitor to ACS will encounter is most often the Office Administrator. As an ambassador for the organization, they are expected to maintain their own office space in a neat and orderly manner.

Building and maintaining strong professional relationships

  • The ability to establish and maintain highly effective professional relationships is one of the most critical requirements for this position. This requires strong oral and written communication skills. ACS has multiple and highly diverse stakeholders and constituents all of whom are highly valued and critical to the success of ACS in meeting its important mission.
  • Staff – All ACS staff rely on and look to the Office Administrator for ideas, help, and support. The most successful candidate in this position will undertake regular, proactive outreach to staff in all ACS locations to identify needs, to facilitate their efforts, to offer suggestions, and to provide technical assistance or other organizational support.
  • Other stakeholders and constituents – ACS’ Office Administrator is regularly in contact with Board members, court personnel, donors and clients. It is essential that the incumbent in this position knows who is who, understands the position and title they hold and the role they play in ACS efforts. Respectful, helpful interaction with all these audiences is important and expected.

Technical Skills and Requirements

  • A high comfort level with technology
  • Fluency in MS Word, Excel
  • Experience in managing Access data bases
  • Ability to problem-solve technical issues and to research technical solutions
  • Ability to organize and present large amounts of data in an accurate, responsive, organized and error-free manner


  • ACS staff have a strong work ethic. The Office Administrator must have an approach to their work that is compatible with this culture.
  • Fairness, respect, and responsiveness to staff and others are important elements of ACS culture and these are qualities that stakeholders will value highly in this position.
  • Flexibility, a healthy sense of humor, and a positive, calm, and approachable demeanor
  • The ability to be patient and to manage stress effectively