ACS provided mental health services to 273 children and families last year. As with most direct care organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic markedly disrupted our service delivery for the 4th quarter of FY20. In March 2020, all ACS staff transitioned to behavioral telehealth platforms to stay connected to our clients. 

In FY20, ACS staff provided:

  • 163 comprehensive diagnostic evaluations
  • 31 same-day emergency evaluations
  • 389 hours of no-cost treatment provided
  • 74 kids and their families received treatment services
  • 115 kids and families received Education & Advocacy services

ACS identified three key measures to track children’s outcomes and program effectiveness. Our highly skilled clinicians follow up with the clients and families to track these specific outcomes.

  • 71% of children increased their compliance with treatment and recommendations
  • 74% of children improved their attendance at school or an alternative educational setting
  • 85% of families became more engaged in their child’s treatment

Data covers FY20 (July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2020)