Leah M. Kelly, Psy.D.

Executive Director

Dr. Leah M. Kelly serves as Executive Director of Adolescent Consultation Services (ACS). Leah holds a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, a Certificate of Specialized Training in Forensic Psychology, and a master’s degree in Adolescent and Adult Counseling Psychology.


Her 25-year career in mental health has spanned a broad range of clinical settings. In Colorado and Massachusetts, she has worked in community-based mental health clinics, public school systems, psychiatric hospitals, academic research labs, and correctional facilities.


She began her doctoral training at ACS and developed a keen interest in the challenges facing court-involved individuals and families. Prior to joining ACS, Leah practiced at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center, a maximum-security men’s prison, most recently serving as the Clinical Director of Mental Health Services and the Director of Training. Her work with incarcerated adults has deepened Leah’s commitment to providing critical intervention and advocacy to court-involved youth and families.


Leah’s career path reflects her steadfast commitment to serving the most marginalized and vulnerable of populations. It is this clinical focus that brought her back full circle to her roots at ACS, where she first developed a passion for helping court-involved youth and their families envision and work toward a better future.