125 Kids and the Law What are the educational options for a student excluded from school for more than 10 consecutive school days? A student excluded for more than 10 consecutive days is entitled to education- al services. Principals must develop a school-wide education service plan for all students excluded for more than 10 days. Such plans may include, but are not limited to, tutoring, alternative placement, Saturday school, and online or distance learning. School systems must continue to provide special education services to students with disabilities who have been excluded for more than 10 days. The school will provide the student and the parent or guardian with at least two options of alternative educational services. Once an alternative educational service is chosen by the student and parent or guardian, the school will help enroll the student and make sure that the student is enrolled in the service. If the student moves to another school district while excluded from school, the new district will either admit the student or provide educational services according to an education service plan as described above. Educational services must be provided to all excluded students as described in the sections above. This pertains to all exclusions under Massachusetts General Laws chapter 71, Sections 37H, 37H ½, or 37 ¾. MANDATORY SENTENCING FOR DRUGS IN SCHOOL ZONE (OR IN A PUBLIC PARK) In April 2018 the Massachusetts law prohibiting the manufacture, distribution or possession with the intent to distribute any controlled substance (street drug or drug for which the person has no prescription) in a school zone was changed to make it harder for the Commonwealth to prosecute. Now it must prove violence or threats or a fire arm was involved. How is a school zone defined? An area within 300 feet of the property line of a public or private school be- tween 5AM and midnight can be considered a school zone. Legal Issues Related to School 10