We would like to thank the CF Adams Trust and Gary and Mary Pforzheimer whose generous grants to Adolescent Consultation Services made this revision of Kids and the Law possible. In addition we want to thank the JohnW. Alden Trust for funding the initial editions and the ACS Board of Directors for their support throughout the project. We want especially to thank our readers and advisors: Marlies Spanjaard, Esq., Director of Education Advocacy at the Committee for Public Counsel Services (CPCS) EdLaw Project, for her expert help with the School Discipline and Spe- cial Education chapters; Wendy Wolf, Esq., Training Director for the Youth Ad- vocacy Division at CPCS, for her expertise in reviewing the Delinquency and Youthful Offender chapters; Drs. Leah Kelly, Executive Director, and Dan San- ford, Clinical Director, of Adolescent Consultation Services, and Karen Talley, Esq., Assistant Director of the Mental Health Litigation Division at CPCS for their review of the Mental Health and Substance Use chapter.We are grateful to Gema Schaff for her Spanish translation along with assistance from Montser- rat Zuckerman. Finally, we are grateful to Kristen Dietrich of Kristen Dietrich Design for her design. Acknowledgments