G11 Kids and the Law Petition (Petición) a written request to the court asking for it to make a specific decision. Plea (Declaración del acusado respecto de la acusación) a juvenile’s answer in court of“delinquent” or“not delinquent” to the charge(s) against him or her. Probable cause (Causa razonable) a legal term meaning that there is more evidence to show that a crime has been committed than there is to show that a crime has not been committed. Restitution (Restitución) money that goes to victims to make up for their loss. Sentence (Condena) a punishment decided by the judge after the judge or jury has found the defen- dant “guilty” or “delinquent.” Stipulation (Estipulación) an agreement between the parties in a legal action. Some stipulations are oral, but often they are written and filed with the court. Summons (Orden de comparecencia) a formal written order requiring a person to attend a court hearing at a specific time. Termination of Parental Rights (Cancelación de la Patria Protestad) a decision by a judge that permanently ends a parent’s rights to the custody and care of their minor child. It frees a child to be adopted or placed under guardianship without the parent’s consent to (or knowledge or notice of) those court proceedings. Trial (Juicio) a formal court hearing in which evidence is presented and a judge or jury de- cides whether allegations were proven. Warrant (Orden de arresto) a formal legal document signed by a judge and/or a magistrate which directs the arrest of an individual or the search of a particular place or person. Glossary G