R33 Kids and the Law CASTLE (Clean and Sober Teens Living Empowered) 1-508-638-6000 Email: [email protected] Website: www.castlekids.org • a short-term, 24-hour addiction treatment program for adolescents and young   adults 16 to 20 who abuse or are dependent on alcohol or drugs, which may   be accompanied by mental health issues. Cushing House Website: www.gavinfoundation.org/programs/cushing-houses • a 6-month residential alcohol/drug rehab program for 16 males and 14   females 16 to 20. Goodwin House Program 1-413-316-1642 Email: [email protected] Website: www.chd.org/counseling/programs/goodwin-house/ • a 90-day residential program for males 13-17 who seek long-term substance   use treatment services. Highland Grace House 1-774-420-2143 Email: [email protected]/chl • a 90-day residential program for females 13-17 who seek long-term recovery   from substance use addiction/disorder. Lahey/Northeast Behavioral Health Adolescent Residential Program 1-978-739-7615 Website: www.nebhealth.org • a program that provides short- and long-term adolescent residential substance use services. Resources R