165 Kids and the Law POSSIBLE CONSEQUENCES OF CONVICTION A finding of “delinquent” or “youthful offender” could prohibit a juvenile from joining the military services. The finding could prohibit a juvenile from legally owning and registering a gun. If the juvenile is not a US citizen, the finding could affect the juvenile’s immi- gration status: • A juvenile could be deported (forced to leave the country). • A juvenile could be denied citizenship. • A juvenile who leaves the country could be denied re-entry. If the finding relates to certain sex offenses, the juvenile could be required to report to the police and be listed as a “sex offender.” MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FOR ALCOHOL-RELATED INCAPACITATION Can a child not yet 21 years old be charged with being a minor in possession of alcohol if requesting or needing medical assistance? No. A child under the age of 21 who seeks medical assistance for themselves or for someone else who is experiencing alcohol-related incapacitation and evi- dence is gotten as a result of their seeking help, may not be charged with pos- session. Similarly, the child for whom the help is sought may not be charged. Miscellaneous 13